New Software Makes Tracking Employees Easier

Big Brother Is Now Online, according to this article in today’s Wall Street Journal:

Want to know what your employees are up to? Just check their status.

A slew of new services offer to help small companies keep track of their workers, essentially by tapping some of the same tools that social-networking sites use.

With most of these systems, workers go online and enter their status into a website, like they might do on Facebook or Twitter. But these updates center on work, things like “I’ve just started a project,” “I’ve just finished” or “I’m in transit to the next job.” Managers and other employees can see the updates in a news feed or on a dashboard screen, and bosses can get an analysis of the posts that shows how long workers are spending on certain jobs, among other things.

This greater employee monitoring probably enhances Reliability-Based trust, both between managers and their employees as well as between a firm and its customers.  I’m now sure, however, whether such monitoring enhances Compassion-based trust between managers and their employees.  Won’t employees feel that this greater monitoring is not necessarily in their best interests?