Read the Fine Print Several Times Before Signing Up with CPI Security Systems

We purchased a CPI home security agreement four years ago when we purchased our first home in the Carillon Forest subdivision of Durham, NC.  Our builder, DR Horton, has partnered with CPI to preinstall the hardware and wiring throughout the house, and “all we had to do was pay the monthly fee of $36.95 for the assurance that our home would be monitored 24/7 by CPI.”  Well shame on me for not reading every line of the contract I signed, because when we sold the home two years later, we found out that we were obligated to pay the monthly fee for the balance of the five years that was our contractual obligation. Even though we had moved to another state, and could not transfer our CPI security contract to our new home, we faithfully paid the monthly installment for an additional two years because we were told we could not cancel the contract.

As soon as we moved back to our new home in our old neighborhood, Karen called CPI to see if we could transfer our service to our new home.  The account representative never her called back.  He stopped by our home not knowing that it was who had left a message for him six weeks earlier.  He then harassed the owners of our previous home saying he was going to take out some of the equipment from their home to put into ours without Karen’s permission.

When we paid our latest installment, four years after we initially signed up with CPI, the company then sent us a cancellation notice, and demanding payment in full for the balance of our contract, $370 right away, without even bothering to call us to discuss it.  This is despite Karen trying to talk to CPI regularly to resolve our request to get our service cancelled and our agreement nullified.

So, be forewarned that dealing with CPI Security Systems is not something that should be entered into lightly.