Thank you #2: Our Aunt Eulaine

Aneil’s Mom, Ruth, died when he was 12 years old from a meningioma.  His aunt, Eulaine, is his Mom’s sister and they were born one year and one day apart.  As you can imagine, Eulaine has worked hard to be close to us over the years and not just Aneil and his brothers, but me, too.  She has been a spiritual guide and support to us throughout our marriage and even though I was never able to meet Aneil’s mom, Ruth because she died right before I met Aneil, I have always felt that I knew his mom because I have known her sister, Eulaine.  Eulaine is the most faithful Aunt anyone could ever wish for.  She has written us probably at least every month, if not every week of our marriage.  She always has a little gift for each birthday and Christmas and includes an uplifting bible passage in her notes to us.

So, for my second thank you, I want to share a note that I recently sent to Aunt Eulaine.  She is battling cancer of the esophogus, getting radiation five days a week and chemo once a week.  She has lost 50 pounds and is struggling to put weight back on while battling this awful disease.  Because we can’t be there with her, I’ve decided to send her a note of encouragement every single day.  It is the least that I can do for her after everything she has done for us.

Here is one of my most recent notes to her:

Dear Aunt Eulaine,

Maggie and Jack are at the pool with the two little girls who lost their brother to leukemia last month.  Some days, I think it is so hard on them because they watched Preston die and they miss him, too.  Despite their own pain, they go and play with the girls or swim with them at the pool.  Thank you for all of those God nuggets that you have shared with them over the years.  I know that they carry your wise words in their heart while they minister to others who are in pain.  I don’t know if you know what a gift you are to all of us, but God has surely blessed us with an Aunt that cares so much and shares so much.  When I am sad that I never go to meet Ruth, I am so glad for the blessing of you!

Lots of Love,


Should customers get thanks?

I just got an email with a thank-you note and coupon from Edible Arrangements–probably for all of the gifts for my friends and family I have ordered from them this year!

In my sales training, I always encourage sales people to say thank-you to their customers for their business.  This includes just saying thank-you for choosing me, following up after the sale to check on a customer and say thanks, or even find ways to send them information that can help them in their business.  There are so many ways to thank people for choosing you, instead of a competitor.

When you are the customer, how does that make you feel?  Do you feel appreciated?  Do you want to feel appreciated?  Does it matter when you choose how to spend your time and money, whether or not someone says thank you?  Will you choose them again, if they say thank you?

In this case, I had been thinking about ordering an Edible Arrangement for my college roommate and her husband for their anniversary.  Now, I have an extra incentive to do it!