Responding to Requests: Why Reliability is the First Piece of the ROCC of Trust

We get lots of requests from people we know, students, alumni, clients, friends, family.  We can’t obviously say yes to all of these requests, but we do our absolute best to respond either yes or no, and not leave people wondering if we ever heard their requests.  We actually try to respond within 24 hours, as a courtesy to show them that we are reliable and can be counted on.

That is clearly not the case with a lot of people to whom we have sent requests, either simple or complex, trivial or important.  If we had a dollar for each time somebody never replied to an email or a voicemail–at all, we’d be rich!

How often are your requests ignored, and what is the proper response to being ignored?  If it’s a good friend, we would of course remind them at least once, but with others, the trust deposits are fewer, and so we’re not sure what the proper response is.  Do you give them a gentle reminder?  Do you delete them as a contact?  Do you give them a not-so-gentle reminder?

Is there really any reason to never respond to someone’s request?  The only reason we can think of, is that they are just not important to you.

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