Need a Replacement Lid for a Starbucks Mug?

Update 11-9-11:

The other lid appears to be working.  Proceed with caution!

Update 11-8-11:

They do leak after several uses.  Don’t buy them.  Let us know if you find a better solution.

We love our double-walled Starbucks tall mugs that we use a lot, but in our move to NC this summer, we lost the lids for them.  Whether it’s using them while working on our laptops, or in the car, lids are essential.  So I did what I often do, search the internet for replacement lids, and then went to Amazon to see if I buy them.  Just got them, and they work quite well, even if they take slightly more effort to put on because they’re made of silicone instead of the rigid plastic originals.  Still, they don’t leak, they dishwasher safe, and they were only $9.70 for a pair (not counting taxes or shipping, the latter which is free with Amazon Prime).


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