Sheldon Yellen, CEO of Belfor, Learns Compassion by Going Undercover

We’ve become fans of CBS’s Undercover Boss for its portrayal of CEOs and how they learn the capabilities and concerns of their employees.  The latest episode features Sheldon Yellen, the CEO of Belfor, the world’s largest property restoration company based in Birmingham, MI.  Mr. Yellen learns the personal and job-related challenges that several of his employees, and as a result learns some compassion for them and what needs to be changed in firm’s reward and promotion systems.

More top executives need to become more empathetic with the employees’ concerns, and we think becoming an undercover boss is a great way to start.


3 comments on “Sheldon Yellen, CEO of Belfor, Learns Compassion by Going Undercover

  1. You are wonderful. You more than likely changed the lives of very many people. Your sincerity is admirable. God Bless your Mom. Hugs to her. God Bless you for being willing to keep learning. You are a wonderful teacher. No response necessary. Thank YOU.

  2. Dear Mr Yellen
    My name is Gabrie van der Westhuizen and I live in South Africa.I just want to thank you for the kindness you shown to your employees.I do not know you but what you did was awsome.In SA we have also got a very good and kind man “Mr Nelson Mandela” and I think that you are just as kind and good hearted.I also cried while wathing the show and you are a true man because you showed your true emotions.Keep well and may GOD BLESS you.Regards Gabrie.

  3. Dear Mr Yellen
    my name is Bob van vleet i live in new jersey i want to say thank you for the kindness you showed your employees you are a strong man and very generous person if i had the chance i would work for belfor i do not make much money doing security and wife is disabled and can not work but after watching the show it made me more strong in alot of ways we are about to face foreclosure on our home and bills are mounting but we keep going after seeing you it made me stronger thank you and may god bless you in all you do i also cried while looking at the show

    God Bless You in all you do for your employees

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