AT&T Wireless Keeps Our Trust by Providing Outstanding Customer Service and Listening to Us

As regular readers of this blog will know, I’m not shy about expressing my likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to customer service.  I’m happy to report that AT&T Wireless, which in my case is our cell phone/mobile phone (pick your term depending on what country you live in) provider and has been for the past several years.  Whenever we’ve had a billing issue, and there have been a few but not too many over the years, AT&T has readily fixed the problem.

Importantly, when there have been miscommunications or conflicting information provided between two of AT&T units (e.g., a local AT&T store, an AT&T representative retail store like Wireless One, or their corporate 1-800 people, AT&T usually and quickly resolved the matter in my favor.  They refunded several hundred dollars in international roaming charges for me once when I complained that I received conflicting information about whether unlocking my phone before traveling abroad would invalidate my cell phone warranty.  They’ve provided me with seamless transfer of phone numbers for all of our phones, and worked to get me easy-to-remember phone numbers when we moved from North Carolina to Michigan.  They quickly fixed a phone bill error this morning that saved me almost ninety bucks.

When our car was recently broken into,less than five minutes after my Karen and my daughter went into a local Starbucks, they quickly shut off our daughter’s cell phone and data services in case the phone was stolen (we couldn’t find it initially because luckily it had fallen under the car seat as the thief was scared away).  They just as quickly and seamlessly reestablished service on our daughter’s phone when we realized it hadn’t been stolen (she now takes it with even if she’s out of the car for only a few minutes).

I don’t like the amount of time I’m on hold occasionally waiting to talk to a support person, but usually the wait is very short.  Everyone I talk to at AT&T is both professional and unfailingly polite.

Occasionally our phone calls drop.  Sometimes we don’t get 3G speeds inside buildings or other places.  We pay a lot of money each month for our calling minutes and data services for our family’s phones.  Nevertheless, we’re very satisfied AT&T customers and expect to continue to be so in the future.