Starbucks: What’s Wrong with This Picture?

I rarely if ever write about the same company again in such a short period of time, but I decided to do so out of frustration or irritation (a typical motivation for my posts), this time with the newfangled chewing gum container that Starbucks has introduced.

Starbucks Gum

Other than the obvious fuzziness of the picture (my new Blackberry Bold apparently doesn’t do a great job of macro/close-up pictures), you’ll notice that the metal container is bent sharply.  I bent it a bit more for dramatic effect, but I did have trouble opening it this morning because I assumed that the top flipped open as did all previous Starbucks gum containers.  The two hinges on the side did not open up easily, and after I’d bent it a bit I managed to get some of the gum pieces out.  It was only then that I realized that the top slides open rather than flips open (I’m not a morning person, and so I was a bit slow).

Starbucks previous gum package and gum were fine, although Trident White’s flavor lasts longer.  So why did Starbucks have to mess with its packaging without letting me know how the new package works?


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